Name: Li, Cheng-Tai
Position: Doctoral student, Graduate Institute of Applied Science and Technology, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
Degrees: Master program in Toy and Game Design, Department of Digital Technology Design, National Taipei University of Education
Interest of research: Integration of technology into instruction, e-learning
Chinese Journal Papers
1. 李承泰(2011)。數位語言教學系統融入英語教學之探討。國民教育,第51卷第5期,100年6月。
Chinese Conference Papers
1. 李承泰、范丙林(2009)。數位遊戲企劃網路學習社群功能架構規劃之研究。TANET2009臺灣網際網路研討會論文集,國立彰化師範大學。