Name: Chen, Pin-Ju
Position: Assistant Professor, Teacher Education Center, Ming Chuan University, Taiwan
Degrees: Ph.D., Education, National University of Tainan
Interest of research: Conceptions of learning, TPACK, reading comprehension
English Journal Papers
1. Chen, Y.-H. & Chen, P.-J. (2015). MOOC study group: Facilitating strategies, influential factors, and student perceived gains. Computers & Education, 86, 55-70. doi: 10.1016/j.compedu.2015.03.008
2. Chen, Y.-H., Jang, S.-J. and Chen, P.-J. (2014). Using wikis and collaborative learning for science teachers' professional development. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning. doi: 10.1111/jcal.12095
English Conference Papers
1. Chen, Y.-H. & Chen, P.-J. (2014, Nov). MOOCs study meet-up: Facilitating strategies, learning process and things gained. 2014 The Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) international convention. Jacksonville, Florida.
2. Chen, Y. H., & Chen, P. J. (2014, May). Interactivity, flexibility, and learnability: Learners’ perceptions of the design of a course on Coursera. eLearning Forum Asia: Open courses & open platforms for learning. Tainan, Taiwan.
3. Chen, P. J., & Chen, Y. H. (2014, Mar). Facilitating MOOCs Learning through Weekly Meet-up: A Case Study in Taiwan. ACM: Learning @ Scale: First annual meeting of the ACM Conference on Learning at Scale, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. doi:10.1145/2556325.2567872
4. Chen, P. J. (2013, Jul). The self-explanation of morphological awareness tasks among the elementary students in Taiwan. Twentieth Annual Meeting Society for the Scientific Study of Reading, Hong Kong.
5. Yen, B. H., & Chen, P. J. (2013, Jul). The development of Title Recognition Test for Taiwanese elementary students. Twentieth Annual Meeting Society for the Scientific Study of Reading, Hong Kong.
6. Chen. P. J. (2012, Apr). Does the knowledge and attitude toward morphology of Chinese children influence their reading performances? The Asian Conference on Arts & Humanities 2012, Osaka, Japan.
Academic Services
1. Reviewer, Computers & Education (SSCI journal)