Name: Chou, Te-Lien
Position: Assistant Professor,Department of English Language and Literature, Fu-Jen Catholic University, Taiwan
Degrees: Doctor, Graduate Institute of Digital Learning and Education, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan (2013.09 ~ 2020.07)
Interest of research: Critical thinking, Computational thinking, Conceptions of programming learning, Knowledge translation, Mixed reality
English Journal Papers
1. Chou, T. L., Tang, K. Y., & Tsai, C. C. (2021). A Phenomenographic Analysis of College Students’ Conceptions of and Approaches to Programming Learning: Insights from a Comparison of Computer Science and Non-Computer Science Contexts. Journal of Educational Computing Research, (SSCI)
2. Tang, K. Y., Chou, T. L., & Tsai, C. C. (2019). A content analysis of computational thinking research: An international publication trends and research typology. The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher, 1-11. (SSCI)
3. Chou, T. L., Wu, J. J., & Tsai, C. C. (2019). Research trends and features of critical thinking studies in E-Learning environments: A review. Journal of Educational Computing Research, 57(4), 1038-1077. (SSCI)
4. Liu, C., Chen, S., Chi, C., Chien, K. P., Liu, Y., & Chou, T. L. (2017). The effects of clickers with different teaching strategies. Journal of Educational Computing Research, 55(5), 603-628. (SSCI)
5. Chen, S., Huang, C. C., & Chou, T. L. (2015). The effect of metacognitive scaffolds on low achievers’ laboratory learning. International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education, 1-16. (SSCI)
6. ChanLin, L. J., Chou, T. L., & Hung, W. H. (2015). Bridging volunteer services and mobile teaching in the tablet reading community. Libri, 65(4), 269-280. (SSCI)
7. Chou, T.L., ChanLin, L.J. (2014). Environmental learning through Augmented Reality. Journal of Educational Computing Research, 51(3), 355-368. (SSCI)
English Conference Papers
1. Chou, T. L., (2023, Jul.). Novice programmers’ cognitive load, motivation, and attitudes in the visual programming environments (EdMedia 2023), July 10-14, 2023, Vienna, Austria.
2. Chou, T. L, Chen, S. F. (2015, Jul.). The effects of progress bars on diverse learning styles in web-based learning. The 15th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT 2015), July 6-9, 2015 Hua-Lien, Taiwan.
3. Liu, Y. Z., Chou, T. L., Chi, C., Chien, K. P., Yang, L. L., & Chen, S. F. (2015, Jul.). Development and Validation of the Science Practices Self-Efficacy (SPSE) Questionnaire. The 3rd International Conference for Science Educators and Teachers (ISET 2015). July 17-19, 2015, Bangkok, Thailand.
4. Chou, T.L., ChanLin, L.J., Liou, W.K., Chen, S. F. & Hung, W.H. (2015, Feb.). The use of an instant response system for adaptive learning strategies in the classroom. 7th World Conference of Education Science (WCES) 2015, February 5-7, 2015, Athens, Greece. Best Paper Award.
5. Chou, T.L., ChanLin, L.J. (2014, Jul). Learning From Eliciting Questions in Exploring Global Knowledge. The European Conference on Technology in the Classroom 2014 (iafor ECTC 2014). City of Brighton, British. July 9-13, 2014.
6. Chou, T.L., ChanLin, L.J. (2014, Feb). Autonomous ESL learning “Read & Reflect”. 6th World Conference of Education Science (WCES) 2014, Republic of Malta. Feb
7. ChanLin, L.J., Chou, T.L. (2013, Jun). Eportfolio for Learning and Reflective Growth. World Conference on Educational Media & Technology (EdMedia 2013), June 24-28, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
8. Chou, T.L., ChanLin, L.J. (2013, Jun). Incorporating AR for Providing Information-rich Environment Learning Experience. World Conference on Educational Media & Technology (EdMedia 2013), June 24-28, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
9. Chou, T.L., ChanLin, L.J. (2012, Feb). Augmented Reality Smartphone Environment Orientation Application: A Case Study of the Fu-Jen University Mobile Campus Touring System. 4th World Conference on Education Sciences (WCES 2012), February 2-5, Barcelona, Spain.
10. Chiu, T.H., Chou, T.L. (2012, Feb). An exploration on applying digital learning materials to information literacy class: a hybrid approach at Taipei Medical University. 4th World Conference on Education Sciences (WCES 2012), February 2-5, Barcelona, Spain.
11. Chou, T.L., Chiang, I.J.*, Chiu, T.H. (2011, Oct). The Art of Constructing a User-Centered Biomedical Literature Retrieval System. International Conference for Academic Disciplines in Rome, Rome, Italy.
English Book and Book Chapters
1. Chou, T. L. (2020). College Students’ Conceptions of, Approaches to Programming Learning, and the Relationships with Programming Self-Efficacy. Doctoral dissertation, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan.
Chinese Journal Papers
1. 林麗娟、周德嬚(2013年03月)。擴增實境融入公共圖書館服務發展及應用。台北市立圖書館館訊,30(3), 9-29。
Chinese Conference Papers
1. 周德嬚、曾明怡、劉紀雯(2022年11月)。外語人才科技賦能與永續議題初探 - 以輔仁大學外語學院為例。2022第十四屆發展研究年會。花蓮,台灣。
2. 林麗娟、周德嬚(2012年10月)。行動學習與擴增實境於公共圖書館之應用。數位時代公共圖書館發展趨勢國際研討會論文集。台北市立圖書館60周年館慶國際研討會。台北市,台灣。
3. 周德嬚、林麗娟 (2012, 10月)。Development of Augmented Reality Campus Touring System. TWELF 2012, 台南市,台灣。
4. 林麗娟、周德嬚 (2012, 05月). Implementation of ePortfolios in higher education. 2012圖書與資訊社會研討會, 輔仁大學,新北市,台灣。
5. 周德嬚、林麗娟(2012年05月)。校園數位行動導覽系統建置之研究。2012圖書與資訊社會研討會,輔仁大學,新北市,台灣。
6. 周德嬚、林麗娟(2011年05月)。大學校園數位行動導覽系統建置雛型使用者分析。2011圖書與資訊社會研討會,輔仁大學,新北市,台灣。
1. 科技部計畫-從設計思考、運算思維,與學習反思提昇學習表現與引導創造力的沉浸式語言學習,以及影響學生表現因子之研究(MOST 111-2410-H-030-008-MY2)。
2. 教育部108學年度數位人文社會科學教學創新計畫:遊戲運用及程式設計 計畫主持人 (MOE-108-1-A25)
1. 教育部 Xplorer 探索者計畫 第一期 - C 夥伴(CIPALS)跨領域學習計劃:外語人才的科技賦能與社會實踐
2. 教育部 112-113年大學社會責任實踐計畫 – 輔仁好學、好(ㄏㄠˋ)學新莊計畫
3. 教育部111-112年雙語數位學伴計畫- 數位雙語 學習起飛: 共學、共伴、共好
4. 教育部112年數位學伴計畫
5. 教育部111年數位學伴計畫
Academic Services
1. Reviewer, Research and Practice in Technology Enhanced Learning
2. Reviewer, 科學教育學刊 (TSSCI journal)
3. 輔仁外語學報 第20期專題主編
4. Reviewer, Frontiers in Psychology journal review
5. Reviewer, Journal of Geography in Higher Education (SSCI journal)
6. Reviewer, Computer & Education (SSCI journal)
7. Reviewer, Educational Studies (SSCI journal)
8. Reviewer, Journal of Educational Computing Research (SSCI journal)
9. Reviewer, 數位學習科技期刊 (TSSCI journal)
10. 輔仁大學104學年度教育部獎勵教學卓越計畫 翻轉教學計畫教師
11. 國立臺灣科技大學 106-107數位學伴遠距課輔公益計畫 助理
12. 輔仁大學107學年深耕計畫 程式設計融入課程 教師
13. 國立臺灣科技大學 106、108年史懷哲計畫 服務
Research Awards
1. 2012國立台中圖書館 (現國立公共資訊圖書館)獎助博碩士班學生研撰圖書資訊學位論文優良論文獎勵。
2. 2012 輔仁大學研發成果創意競賽創意生活組第二名。