Name: Huang, Wen-Lung
Position: Associate Professor, Department of Communication, Fo Guang University, Taiwan
Degrees: Ph.D., Graduate Institute of Applied Science and Technology, national Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan (2012.8~2019.1)
Master, Institute of Communication, Shih Hsin University, Taiwan (2002.9~2005.1)
Interest of research: Image information into learning credibility assessment
English Journal Papers
1. Huang, W. L., Liang, J. C., & Tsai, C. C. (2018). Exploring the Relationship Between University Students’ Conceptions of and Approaches to Learning Mass Communication in Taiwan. The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher, 27(1), 43-54. (SSCI)
2. Li, L. Y., Huang, W. L., & Tsai, C. C. (2020). Development and evaluation of a video playing interface with headings and table of contents. Interactive Learning Environments, 28(8), 948-963. (SSCI)
3. Huang, W. L., Li, L. Y., Tsai, C. C. (2021). Exploring undergraduate students’ conceptions of learning via auto-photography: A cross-sectional analysis. British Educational Research Journal, (in press).
Chinese Journal Papers
1. 黃文龍 (2018)。〈數位攝影機之創新發展對電影產製影響之探討〉。《傳播研究與實踐》,8 (1): P131 - 159。(TSSCI)
Academic Services
1. 台灣藝術大學電影系兼任講師 (2006~2008)
2. 東方設計學院傳播藝術系專業技術級助理教授 (2009~2011)
3. 玄奘大學大眾傳播學系 (2011~2016)
4. 中國科技大學影視設計系助理教授(2016~2021)
5. 佛光大學傳播學系 副教授(2021~)