Name: Lin, Che-Li
Position: Associate Research Fellow, Research Centern for Curriculum and Instruction, National Academy for Educational Research
Degrees: Ph.D., college of education, National Cheng-Chi University, Taipei, Taiwan
Interest of research: Science education, Learning motivation, International Large-scale Assessment
English Journal Papers
1. Lin, C. L., Tsai C. C., & Liang, J. C. (2012). An investigation of two-profile relationship within conception of learning science: An examination of confirmatory factor analysis. European Journal of Psychology of Education, 27(4). doi: 10.1007/s10212-011-0092-3. (SSCI)
2. Lin, C. L., Liang, J. C., Su, Y.C., & Tsai C. C. (2013). Exploring the relationships between self-efficacy and preference for teacher authority among computer science majors. Journal of Educational Computing research, 49(2), 189-207. doi: (SSCI)
English Conference Papers
1. Lin, C.L. & Tsai, S.J. (2015). Exploring in-service teachers’ experience toward MOOCs-related instructional strategies. Paper presented at the International Conference on Education, Psychology, and Liberal Arts (ICEPL 2015), April 22-24, 2015, Taipei, Taiwan.
2. Lin, C.L. & Tsai, S.J. (2015). Teacher’s practical suggestion toward implementing MOOCs-related instructional strategies. Paper presented at the Global Chinese Conference on Computers in Education (GCCCE 2015), May 25-29, 2015, Taipei, Taiwan.
3. Lin, C.L. (2015). Online reading Literacy of elementary fifth graders: An online contextualized test. Paper presented at the International Symposium on Teaching, Education, and Learning –Summer Section (ISTEL 2015-Summer), August 5-7, 2015, Kurume, Fukuoka, Japan.
4. Lin, C.L. & Tsai, S.J. (2015). Developing the Collaborative problem solving scale. In Ogata, H. et al. (Eds.) (2015). Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Computers in Education. China: Asia-Pacific Society for Computers in Education.
5. Lin, C.L. (2015). How attitude to learning science is correlated with Grit and Big Five personality. 第31屆科學教育國際研討會, 台灣屏東。
English Book and Book Chapters
1. Lin (2010).The effect of Teacher Support on Basic Needs and Learning Engagement in Taiwanese high school context. Unpublished Doctoral Dissertation, National Cheng-Chi University, Taiwan.
Chinese Journal Papers
1. Lin, C. L. (2016). Investigating collaborative problem-solving processes by analyzing sequential patterns in a synchronous discussion task. (網路合作問題解決歷程之探究-以線上同步討論活動為例). 數位學習科技期刊8( 1), 1-24(TSSCI).
Chinese Book and Book Chapters
1. 潘文忠主編。范信賢、林沂昇、林哲立等(2014)。十二年國民基本教育課程發展建議書。國家教育研究院
2. 林哲立, 邱曉君,顏菲麗 編譯(2007) 人類行為與社會環境 (二版譯自:Human Behavior in the Social Environment), 雙葉出版社。
1. 計畫名稱:高中生線上合作問題解決之歷程探究。執行期間: 104年1月-105年7月。
2. 數位化趨勢下我國中小學教育未來圖像之研究-子計畫二數位化趨勢下我國中小學課程與教學之未來圖像。執行期間:103年1月1日至104年12月31日。計畫委託單位:國家教育研究院。
1. 計畫名稱:數位文本閱讀理解評量工具與教學模式開發之實務研究。執行期間:102年8月1日至 104年12月31日。
2. 十二年國民基本教育自然領域綱要內容之前導研究。執行期間:102年7月1日至 102年12月31日。計畫委託單位:國家教育研究院。
1. 十二年國民基本教育課程研究發展會工作小組成員
2. 民國103年普通高中數學及自然領域課程綱要微調工作小組成員