Name: Luan, Hui
Position: Postdoctoral fellow, National Taiwan Normal University
Degrees: Ph.D., Department of Psychology, The University of Hong Kong
Interest of research: Epistemic Beliefs, Digital Learning
English Journal Papers
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3. Luan, H., & Tsai, C. C. (2021). A review of using machine learning approaches for precision education. Educational Technology & Society, 24(1), 250-266. (SSCI)
4. Luan, H., Li, T.-L., & Lee, M.-H. (2020). High school students' environmental education in Taiwan: scientific epistemic views, decision-making style, and recycling intention. International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education. (SSCI)
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English Conference Papers
1. Ho, C.S.-H., Luan, H., Yeung, P.P.-S, Chan, D.W.-O, Chung, K. K.-H. (2008). Effectiveness of the Whole-Class Reading Instruction of the Tiered Intervention Model in Chinese. Annual meeting of SSSR (Society of the Scientific Study of Reading), North Carolina.
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3. Luan, H., Ho, C.S.-H. (2004). Morphological deficit among Mandarin-speaking Chinese dyslexic children. Annual meeting of SSSR (Society of the Scientific Study of Reading), Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
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5. Luan, H. & Shu, H., Ho, C.S.-H. (2002). The Subtype of Developmental Dyslexia in Chinese: A Case Study of Deep Dyslexia. International Conference “Multilingual and Cross-Cultural Perspective on Dyslexia”, Washington D.C.
Academic Services
1. Reviewer, Frontiers in Psychology (SSCI)
2. Reviewer, The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher (SSCI)
3. Reviewer, Educational Technology & Society (SSCI)
4. Reviewer, 2021 National Chair Professorship Series: "Forward Thinking, Interdisciplinary Research" Postgraduate Research Excellence Conference (2021國家講座系列活動:「前瞻思維、跨域研究」研究生學術精進研討會)
5. Reviewer, The Third International Conference for “Personal Epistemology and Learning in the Digital Age”