Name: Tang, Kai-Yu
Position: Assistant Professor, Department of International Business, Ming Chuan University, Taiwan
Degrees: National Chiao Tung University (major in Decision Science)
Interest of research: IS continuance model, Computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL), Bibliometrics, Social network analysis
English Journal Papers
1. Tang, K.-Y., Tsai, C.-C., & Lin, T.-C. (2014). Contemporary intellectual structure of CSCL research (2006-2013): A co-citation network analysis with an education focus. International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning, 9(3), 335-363. (SSCI)
2. Tang, K.-Y., & Tsai, C.-C. (2016). The intellectual structure of research on educational technology in science education (ETiSE): A co-citation network analysis of publications in selected journals (2008-2013). Journal of Science Education and Technology, 25(2), 327-344. (SSCI)
3. Tang, K.-Y., Li, M.-C., Hsin, C.-T., & Tsai, C.-C. (2016). A co-citation network of young children’s learning with technology. Educational Technology & Society, 19(3), 294–305. (SSCI)
4. Tang, K.-Y., Wang, C.-Y., Chang, H.-Y., Chen, S., Lo, H.-C., & Tsai, C.-C. (2016). The intellectual structure of metacognitive scaffolding in science education: A co-citation network analysis. International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education, 14(2), 249–262. (SSCI)
5. Tang, K.-Y., Chou, T.-L., & Tsai, C.-C. (forthcoming) A Content Analysis of Computational Thinking Research: An international publication trends and research typology. The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher, (SSCI)
English Conference Papers
1. Wu, Y.-T., & Tang, K.-Y. (2018) The intellectual structure of empirical Knowledge Building studies published in the selected Journals from 2006 to 2017: A co-citation network analysis. 2018 knowledge building summer institute (KBSI 2018), Toronto, Canada, August 14th to 17th, 2018.
1. A series of approaches for analyzing citation-based big data and research model building in e-learning research: Main path analysis and social network analysis (MOST 104-2511-S-011-004-MY3)
2. The intellectual trajectory of epistemology in digital learning: International trend, Taiwan's strength, and inter-disciplinary research collaboration (MOST 106-2511-S-130 -002 -)
3. An investigation on the development of CSCL research using main path analysis and networking index: Topic, theory, and research trend (MOST 107-2511-H-130 -003 -)
Research Awards
1. Postdoc Academic Publication Award 2015 (Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan)